Services We Offer

Pumpkins to Pork!

We offer custom cut, free range, steroid and additive free pork for sale, "smartwood" firewood, and in season, pumpkins and gourds. Look in the about section to learn a little more about each.

Enjoy a Day on the Farm

Come and Participate!

If you wish to enjoy a day on the farm, a schedule will be provided in season that identifies the activities of the day. Activities include; The joys of irrigation, or how to move pipe and stick irrigation spikes into the ground! Weeding, or how to remove nasty, water and nutrient stealing weeds without chemicals. Great for reducing waistlines, tanning, and yoga poses! Mechanical repair, or take a view of American farm iron, circa 1938, 1948, 1949, 1953, and our most recent addition, 1991!

Come and participate! These activities are so much fun and so beneficial that we do not charge a fee to have all this fun, and we do have fun! Please use our Contact Page for more information.